Expression profile for YOL034W (YOL034W)

Description : Subunit of the SMC5-SMC6 complex; the SMC5-SMC6 complex plays a key role in the removal of X-shaped DNA structures that arise between sister chromatids during DNA replication and repair; binds single-stranded DNA and has ATPase activity; supports nucleolar function; S. pombe homolog forms a heterodimer with S. pombe Rad18p that is involved in DNA repair [Source:SGD;Acc:S000005394]

Sample enrichment: gal, 4h + hu 200 mm,WT (SPM: 0.27, entropy: 4.01, tau: 0.56)
Perturbation specificity: Gal (SPM: 0.56, entropy: 2.86, tau: 0.59)

All conditions

Perturbation specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.