Expression profile for YOR099W (YOR099W)

Description : Alpha-1,2-mannosyltransferase; involved in O- and N-linked protein glycosylation; type II membrane protein; member of the KRE2/MNT1 mannosyltransferase family; relocalizes from vacuole to cytoplasm upon DNA replication stress [Source:SGD;Acc:S000005625]

Sample enrichment: tunicamycin,YPD,WT (SPM: 0.29, entropy: 3.77, tau: 0.58)
Perturbation specificity: YPD, tunicamycin (SPM: 0.46, entropy: 2.86, tau: 0.45)

All conditions

Perturbation specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.