Expression profile for YLR324W (YLR324W)

Description : ER-resident protein involved in peroxisomal biogenesis; ER-localized protein that associates with peroxisomes; interacts with Pex29p and reticulons Rtn1p and Yop1p to regulate peroxisome biogenesis from the ER; role in peroxisomal-destined vesicular flow from the ER; partially redundant with Pex31p; may function at a step downstream of steps mediated by Pex28p and Pex29p; PEX30 has a paralog, PEX31, that arose from the whole genome duplication [Source:SGD;Acc:S000004316]

Sample enrichment: min med, chemostat,WT (SPM: 0.23, entropy: 3.86, tau: 0.46)
Perturbation specificity: Gal (SPM: 0.45, entropy: 3.25, tau: 0.44)

All conditions

Perturbation specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.