Expression profile for YNL038W (YNL038W)

Description : Protein involved in the synthesis of GlcNAc-PI; GlcNAc-PI is the first intermediate in the synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchors; homologous to the human PIG-H protein; GlcNAc-PI stands for N-acetylglucosaminyl phosphatidylinositol [Source:SGD;Acc:S000004983]

Sample enrichment: 0.1 mm CuSO4,WT (SPM: 0.39, entropy: 3.34, tau: 0.7)
Perturbation specificity: YPDA (SPM: 0.5, entropy: 3.02, tau: 0.51)

All conditions

Perturbation specificity

Note: SPM calculations for this profile are done using the maximum value.